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The Crommarty family members have collected both oral and written documentation to collaborate the history of Jayne Gheybrela Crommarty and Ethel Pullins Crommarty.

Jayne Gheybrela Crommarty was born July 5, 1862 in Wilmington, North Carolina. He had five siblings, Anna Crommarty, Joseph Crommarty, Calhoun Crommarty, Stevenson Andrew, and Maggie Andrew.

Ethel Pullins Crommarty was born November 5, 1865 in Riceville, Georgia. She had one brother by the name of Junior Pullins.

Through God’s intervention the two met and were joined together as one. After embarking on the sea of matrimony, they searched for their place in this vast world.

A glimpse of that new dawning drove them southward to the state of Florida, pausing for a season in Lake City, Florida where William McKinley was born and joined Arzora, Dora, Estella, Edgar and Joseph, who were born in Riceville Georgia.

The yearning and thirst for that perfect place to settle and rear their children, and plant their roots, they continued moving southward. They finally settled in the Monteocha Atlas area where Louisa, Roosevelt, Margaret (Maggie), Louis, and Burnetta were born.

Jayne Gheybrela Crommarty was self-educated. During his era, if you could master the Blue Back Webster Speller, it was equal to a college degree, which he mastered and taught others.

A friend Silas Mingo once said, “We would get him to write letters for us.” He also read correspondence for others

It is documented by the U.S. Postal Service that there were plans to build a Post Office and to name the city where the office was to be built. The city was named Atlas, which was suggested by Jayne Greybrela Crommarty. The Post Office was established, supervised, and ran smoothly by none other than yours truly Jayne G. Crommarty from October 11, 1897 to May 27, 1904. It is also documented in history books that Jayne G. Crommarty established a community. He named it Crommarty Community where he was a proprietor of a saw mill.

He was the founder of a church, which was built by him. He also made the pews. The church was named Atlas AME Church, after his daughter Atlas, who later changed her name to Estelle. The building is no longer there. It has been replaced with a new sanctuary and still carries the name Atlas AME Church. He later moved to Lake Helen, Florida blazing his way yet to another beginning.

While residing in Lake Helen, Florida, he opened a store where varieties of commodities were sold.

In Jayne G. Crommarty’s twilight years, at different intervals, he lived with his son Louis in Gainesville, Florida and his daughter Dora in Lake Helen, Florida. He became ill in Gainesville and Dora came and took him back to Lake Helen where he expired on April 29th 1935. He was brought back to Gainesville where his remains were laid to rest. His wife Ethel preceded him in death in the year 1915. She was also buried in Gainesville, Florida in Rhuta Branch Cemetery.

Jayne G. Crommarty was married three times after his wife Ethel’s death to Charity Simmons- Crommarty, Myrtle Foster-Crommarty and Martha Crommarty.

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